Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer reading

Miss M here. Did you know that I am 2 and 1/2 today? Mom's gift to me was the chance to guest post. I thought that some of the other 2 and 3 -year-olds out there just might be interested in what I've been reading since I turned two.* In fact, the Mayor recently emailed me wonderin' what books were in my beach bag. Besides, with all those Moms and Dads holed up with Harry Potter, a kid's gotta have something to while away the time. Without further ado, I give you:

The 100 Best Books I Read in the Last Six Months: 2-2.5
* Canadian
+ poetry collection
bold my top 20

  1. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelans
  2. Madeline's Rescue by Ludwig Bemelans
  3. Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton
  4. The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown
  5. Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown
  6. Hand Rhymes by collected and illustrated by Marc Brown +
  7. Silly Billy by Anthony Browne
  8. --a good book if you're an anxious or even fearful child like me
  9. One Gray Mouse by Katherine Burton *
  10. --a lovely little counting book with clay illustrations
  11. Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
  12. Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill
  13. --what's not to love about a wombat?
  14. Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper
    --little Miss Smartie Pants Mommy keeps meaning to write a review of this book and Cooper's other book, Pumpkin Soup that made my toddler list. Can I just say that I want Helen Cooper to adopt me? That's how much I loved these books. The cadence of the prose, the illustrations, the subtle humour... ah! perfection. Mom is always grouching about how we need more Cooper at the library and then sighing heavily each time she gets her Visa statement.
  15. Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley
  16. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin
  17. Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin
  18. --Mom sometimes groans that these books are written for adults not children. Too much winking to the adult sensibility but I just don't get it. I love Spider just as much as I loved Worm back when I read his diary just before I was two.
  19. The Little Dog Laughed and other Nursery Rhymes illustrated by Lucy Cousins
  20. Ella the Elephant by Carmela and Stephen D'Amico
  21. The Classic Treasury of Best-Loved Children's Poems illustrated by Penny Dann +
  22. A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes compiled and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton * +
  23. Mud Muddelicious Mud: Verse for the Very Young by Shirley Downie * +
  24. Olivia by Ian Falconer
  25. Olivia Saves the Circus by Ian Falconer
  26. Olivia forms a Band by Ian Falconer
  27. Bee Gets a Sweater by Keith Faulkener
  28. Tap, Tap, Tap: What can it be? by Keith Faulkener
  29. A-tisket, a-tasket by Ella Fitzgerald; illustrated by Ora Eitan
  30. Beast Feast by Douglas Florian
  31. A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman
  32. Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French
  33. --as I was saying, "what's not to love about a Wombat?"
  34. The Three Little Pigs illustrated by Marie Louise Gay
  35. Grandma and the Pirates by Phoebe Gilman *
  36. Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise by Phoebe Gilman *
  37. The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs by Phoebe Gilman *
  38. Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue by Phoebe Gilman *
  39. Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman *
  40. Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
  41. Jessica by Kevin Henkes
  42. Lily's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes
  43. -- I think I'm in love with Mr. Slinger
  44. Lily's Big Day by Kevin Henkes
  45. Once Around the Block by Kevin Henkes
  46. Owen by Kevin Henkes
  47. Shiela Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes
  48. Corduroy Lost and Found by B. Hennessy based on the Freeman books
  49. Sea, Sand, Me by Patricia Hubbell
  50. Hiding by Shirley Hughes
  51. Colours by Shirley Hughes +
  52. Songs for Annie Rose by Shirley Hughes +
  53. Toot and Puddle: Charming Opal by Hollie Hobbie
  54. The Llama Who had No Pajama by Maryann Hoberman +
  55. --OMG, I love this collection!
  56. Our Day at the Seashore by Amy and Richard Hutchings
  57. --my Nan gave me this and a few other beach books to take along on my recent trip to PEI. Now I know what a quohog is.
  58. Katie's Babbling Brother by Hazel Hutchins *
  59. Rollie Pollie Ollie by William Joyce
  60. Take Me Out to the Ball Game by MaryAnn Kovalski *
  61. Lavender's Blue: A Book of nursery Rhymes compiled by Kathleen Lines +
  62. --a reprint of the 1954 classic. Watch out! A few of the rhymes are from a more savage time: sometimes scary, sometimes deliciously dark.
  63. Yummer's Too: the Second Course by James Marshall
  64. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
  65. --loved the book but loved the Scholastic video even more. It's too cool for school.
  66. Chicka Chicka 123 by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
  67. Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See? by Bill Martin Jr.
  68. Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What do you see? by Bill Martin Jr.
  69. Piggy and Dad Go Fishing by David Martin
  70. Dahlia by Barbara McClintock
  71. The Oxford 123 Book of Number Rhymes by Robert McGough +
  72. The Real Mother Goose Book of Christmas Carols
  73. --ya, so, it's true that I made my mom sing every single one of these far into March. Hey! I wonder just where that book got to anyway?
  74. All in One Piece by Jill Murphy
  75. Peg and the Yeti by Kenneth Oppel *
  76. The Oxenbury Nursery Story Book compiled and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury +
  77. --so far I'm only into the verse section. I hope to start reading the fairy tales this fall
  78. A Bit of Dancing by Helen Oxenbury
  79. The Ocean Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallota
  80. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
  81. --Mom thinks this book will help me make the transition to day care in the fall. Boy, does she have another thing coming
  82. A day of rhymes compiled by Sarah Pooley +
  83. Beneath a Blue Umbrella by Jack Prelutsky +
  84. --a great book of poems for all you kids, state-side. Mom has promised to find me a Canadian equivalent and then she said something about a Kevin Major alphabet book and told me to stay tuned.
  85. For Laughing Out Loud: Poems to Tickle Your Funny Bone selected by Jack Prelutsky +
  86. 10 Minutes 'Til Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann
  87. The Gift by Barbara Reid *
  88. My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann
  89. Beach Day by Karen Roosa
  90. Tales from Parc La Fontaine by Roslyn Schwartz *
  91. --the Complete Adventures of the Mole Sisters was on my toddler list. I'm still lovin' it too
  92. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
  93. In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak
  94. The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
  95. My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss
  96. Duck on a Bike by David Shannon
  97. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
  98. Casey at the Bat by Ernest Thayer
  99. Mama Loves Me by Mara Van Fleet
  100. --IMHO, the elephant is the most noble and loving creature on the planet.
  101. So Say the Little Monkeys by Nancy Van Laan
  102. --this book is like candy on the tongue: "they sing jibba, jibba, jabba as they jump and run. Jump jabba jabba. Run jabba jabba. Tiny, tiny monkeys having fun."
  103. Frog in Love by Max Velthius
  104. Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest by Judith Viorst
  105. Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell
  106. --too good for words: "How goes the work? Quack!"
  107. Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells
  108. I Spy Little Christmas by Walter Wick
  109. "More more more" said the baby : 3 love stories by Vera B. Williams
  110. The King of Capri by Jeanette Winterson
  111. --this book has laxative properties. My all-time favourite potty book. It's just so long.
  112. The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood
  113. Piggies by Audrey and Don Wood
  114. Here's a Little Poem edited by Jane Yolen +
  115. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen
  116. any one of a number of cheap peg puzzle board books
  117. any one of a number of Thomas the Tank Engine cheapo board books
  118. any one of a number of magnetic counting, alphabet, or rudimentary spelling books
  119. --no, I don't spell and I don't pretend to. I just like to play with the letters.
  120. any one of a number of cheapo electronic music, sing-a-long books

*And ya, some of these books are meant for 4 and 5-year olds. It's also true that I still read baby books. Why must they put such limited age ranges on children's books. It's soooo totally oppressive.

I hope you like my list. You know what, though?. My silly mother decided to re-read all the Harry Potter books before finishing off the series. She made this decision in June. Like, duh! This means that she is only finishing up #5 now. Please help me! Can you ask your pre-schoolers to recommend some good books to tide me over until Mom is done? Thanks. I knew I could count on you.


A note from the editor, compiler and chief amanuesnis aka Mad: Miss M puts quite a bit of work into drawing up these lists. She does it because she hopes that they will make helpful library cheat sheets for all her sphere-y friends. Please feel free to tell as many people as you like about them so that her work won't be in vain.

Oh and Miss M insists on writing these posts herself because she doesn't trust my adult editorializing. Not that I would ever do that. She really wants you to know about the books SHE loves regardless of whether her children's lit crit and librarian mother agrees. Little does she know that her mother plans revenge by posting a list of 26 wonderful alphabet books and 10 counting books without consulting her daughter whatsoever. Soon. I promise.

OK, I'm off now to help Miss M put links to this list and to her toddler list on the sidebar. Miss M finds Blogger a bother sometimes. I can't imagine why.


Because I'm not posting as much these days, I thought I would give you all an early heads up about the upcoming Just Posts. You know the drill: if you have read or written a post or posts dealing with social justice in the month of July, drop me or Jen a line. You've got until August 7th. We'll put the linky love list up on Aug 10th. I'm madhattermommyAThotmailDOTcom.